Thanks for using Requstory

Hello, It’s been 4 interesting days since we launched Requstory!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΏ We hope you have been finding it useful. We have had some great feedback. All your comments help us make this tool better and we appreciate. If possible do give us a follow on Twitter, it’s @requstory. Are there any features you’d love to… Continue reading Thanks for using Requstory

Want to test Requstory?

We have a draft version you can play around. Its not all the feature we have planned but you will get the idea. Check it out

Requstory Launch on Product Hunt

So we did a pre-launch on product Hunt and the response was great. We have lots of people on the waiting list and we cant wait to open the gates to let you all in !!!

Welcome to Requstory

Welcome to Requstory, the user story writing tool you always wanted. Requstory will help make Agile teams better by getting out those features that are usually hard to describe or define. As a User of Requstory, I want to easily write user stories So I can manage the product backlog efficiently