Tools for every event

Agile teams have 5 main events to help their communication, ensure openness and drive transparency.

As one of the principles of the Agile Manifesto states:

“At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behaviour accordingly.”

Sprint is an event in itself that contains all the work and all the other events that happen during the timeboxed period of development

Planning starts a sprint. This is where the discussion around the value to be derived is looked into and what elements of the product backlog are to be put into development. Tools like Clickup, JIRA and Monday play prominently here. Also tools like Requstory help teams and stakeholders generate more backlog items where needed.

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Standup is a routine meeting of the development team to check-in, assess progress towards achieving the Sprint Goal and to review and plan their activities. Slack is basically the biggest tool for a team that’s constantly talking to each other and there are different bots like Geekbot , Range and Standuply.

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Review allows the Team the opportunity to show the work done to stakeholders. The team is also able to get useful feedback that can be incorporated into the Product Backlog. Tools that help with visualising features and showcasing features like Loom, Zoom, Teams etc  are key for reviews. 

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Retro is the final event and it allows the team to review what can be improved for future sprints. It’s essentially a way for the unit to improve itself and work better in the future. There are many tools for this like GoRetro, Retrium and Mindmeister. See more tools here

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